Islam on Victim Blaming

Victim blaming refers to holding the victim responsible for the crime committed against them. This can take an extreme form where the blame is shifted entirely from the perpetrator of the crime to the victim. More commonly, though, there is an attempt to transfer some of the blame to the victim, thus holding them partly … Continue reading Islam on Victim Blaming

Khadija’s Example: How Islam Empowers Women Concerning Marriage

Imagine a forty-year-old woman sending someone a marriage proposal. She wouldn’t go down too well in many “conservative” societies, right? Now this woman was twice married and widowed. More eyebrows raised. What’s more, the man she wants to marry is fifteen years younger than her! That’s probably more than what most Muslim societies can take, … Continue reading Khadija’s Example: How Islam Empowers Women Concerning Marriage

Who are the Virgins of Paradise in Islam?

The Quran describes the women of Paradise as having beautiful large eyes and attractive features, untouched before by any man. It uses various terms, including hur (fair or pure), to describe them. But who are these women? Are they the women of this world who shall enter Paradise or a totally different creation brought into … Continue reading Who are the Virgins of Paradise in Islam?

Islamic Ruling on Forced Marriages

It is not uncommon for women to be forced into marriages, or deprived of their choice of husband, in many societies even today, including Muslim ones. Strangely enough, Islam is sometimes posed as a justification for such acts by the perpetrators of forced marriages, or accused of subjugating the rights of women by the anti-Islam … Continue reading Islamic Ruling on Forced Marriages

Islam on Forced Conversions

Islam has been accused by certain elements, particularly in recent years, of forcing non-Muslims to convert to Islam, and being intolerant of other religions. To test these accusations, let us view the teachings of the Quran – the ultimate source of authority in Islam – in this regard. The Quran says: “There is no compulsion … Continue reading Islam on Forced Conversions

The Concept of Warfare in Islam

The concept of warfare in Islam can be summed up from two decisive statements in the original Islamic texts. The first of these statements is a verse of the Quran while the second is a quotation of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ – known as a hadith. It is important to carefully understand these two statements to … Continue reading The Concept of Warfare in Islam

What is Jihad?

The term Jihad has been subject to much controversy and misunderstandings in recent years. While some people are genuinely unaware of what it really means, others have deliberately misrepresented and manipulated this term to achieve their ulterior motives. It is thus important to understand the concept of Jihad in the light of the Quran and … Continue reading What is Jihad?

Why Women should go to Mosques

Nowadays, most mosques in Muslim societies are exclusively for men, and it is not considered proper for women to be part of the congregational prayers or any other activity in the mosque. Just because the majority takes this view, however, does not mean that it is the correct one. Let us investigate the ruling of … Continue reading Why Women should go to Mosques