Allah is Beautiful and He Loves Beauty

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ once said, “No one who has an atom’s weight of pride in his heart will enter Paradise.” A man asked, “What if a person likes his clothes to look good and his shoes to look good?” The Prophet ﷺ replied, “Allah is beautiful and He loves beauty. Pride means denying the truth … Continue reading Allah is Beautiful and He Loves Beauty

The All-Encompassing Mercy of Allah

Have you ever wondered how merciful our Creator is? The Prophet ﷺ said, “When Allah completed the creation, He wrote in His Book which is with Him on His Throne, ‘My mercy has overcome My anger.’” (Bukhari) Allah loves to forgive; He prefers to forgive His erring servants instead of punishing them. What He loves … Continue reading The All-Encompassing Mercy of Allah