10 Quotations by Western Scholars on Prophet Muhammad

Over the centuries, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ has been heavily targeted in the West, whether for personal gain or through sheer ignorance. However, those who have impartially studied the life of Muhammad ﷺ in detail have painted a completely different picture. Here are ten quotations by famous Western non-Muslim writers, professors, statesmen, philosophers, historians, and even … Continue reading 10 Quotations by Western Scholars on Prophet Muhammad

When the Prophet Smiled

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ bore great hardships throughout his life, particularly in the years after his prophethood. Indeed, some of the tragedies he encountered – including witnessing the deaths of six among his seven children – were far beyond an ordinary person’s share of grievances in this world. Despite such difficulties, the Prophet ﷺ maintained a … Continue reading When the Prophet Smiled

The Seven Major Sins in Islam

Prophet Muhammad ﷺ has described seven of the major sins as the most grievous ones in the sight of Allah, and advised people to refrain from them at all costs. He has specifically referred to these as the “sever destroyers” or “seven fatalities” recorded in a famous tradition which is as follows. The Prophet ﷺ … Continue reading The Seven Major Sins in Islam

The Simple Lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad

The lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was remarkably simple and unpretentious. He did not possess any luxuries, and the gifts he used to receive were often distributed among others or given away in charity. Most Muslims in Madinah at the time were not wealthy; however, the Prophet ﷺ lived very humbly even by their standards. … Continue reading The Simple Lifestyle of Prophet Muhammad